Silence about Kogarah LEP surprising | St George & Sutherland Shire Leader

Link to the online opinion piece:  Silence about Kogarah LEP

Silence about Kogarah LEP surprising
Opinion – December 26, 2014
r0_0_1944_1296_w1200_h678_fmaxGathering information: Kogarah residents prepare to take on Kogarah Council over LEP changes.

I read with interest the article (Leader, December 16) about Kogarah Council’s revised local environment plan (LEP).

What surprises me is the lack of consultation with the residents the council is supposed to represent.

In regards to the old Kyle Bay Bowling Club I have received numerous form letters from council asking for feedback, advising of community meetings, issuing a survey form, etcetera.

This is wonderful and relates only to one premises — whereas something as important and all-encompassing as a major change to Kogarah’s local environment plan including a marked increase in population affecting the entire community? The silence from the council is deafening.

If the old bowling club is worthy of community consultation and information why not the same for a plan affecting the Kogarah municipality?

Will the council now speak up or remain silent?

John, Connell’s Point

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