Jubilee Oval, Carlton
Jubilee Oval at Carlton, currently stands on part of the original grant of 87 acres (350,000 m2) awarded 23 December 1853, to Archibald McNab. Edmund English purchased the grant on 23 May 1854, for around £400. The land officially became known as Kogarah Park when it was acquired by the Department of Lands on the 1st July 1896, and dedicated as the first public park in Kogarah. Control of the park was eventually passed to the Council of the Municipality of Kogarah on 29 August 1906. During Kogarah’s Jubilee celebrations in 1935, Jubilee Oval was constructed in Kogarah Park (bounded by Jubilee Ave, Park and English Streets). Georges River Libraries Collection
Railway Parade, Carlton 1936
Railway Parade, Carlton, NSW 1936. Georges River Libraries Collection.